Anonymous asked: Are you can create gif of Grand Canyon? Not only mlp? :p

I do own it on DVD, so I could do so, sure. If you have any specific non-MLP gifs you want from the movie, you could send a message/request at my main blog.

I missed you too.

Dr. Linus Creel (2.04) Promotional Stills


Mary Louise Parker To Release Memoir, ‘Dear Mr. You.’


"She was my wife."

Lord Baltimore, S02E01


Red: What a terrible waste- time, blood, money. And, in the end, for what?
Berlin: Revenge.

(2x02 - Monarch Douglas Bank)

Animated gifs created by ME.

Sometimes you look at your life and say ’I’m doing the best I can.’ Other times you have to look at your life and say ‘I just fucked my best friend’s mom.’


Us rn tbh


Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker in "Red 2" (2013), dir. Dean Parisot