"Hey, you want to see what I learned to do since you got me fired?"

"A little piece of Tahiti right here in Georgetown. Would you like a Samoan Fog Cutter or a Navy Grog? A Samoan Fog Cutter has three kinds of rum, including Bacardi 451 and… The difference between that and a Navy Grog is…"


Straw game strong since the early days on the West Wing

The West Wing Rewatch
: Josh & Amy in ‘H. Con-172’ (3x10)

AMY: “You look good.”
JOSH: “Yeah?”
AMY: “No. You look tired.”
JOSH: “Well, you look good.”
AMY: “Yes, I know.”

"Let me tell you why this is a dangerous area. Because I can’t make decisions based on the fact that I like your smooth skin."

Mary-Louise Parker, who ended up on The West Wing, left a message on my voice mail saying, “Hi, this is Mary-Louise Parker. Josh Lyman [Bradley Whitford’s character] badly needs to get laid, and I’m the one to do it.” She was in the next episode. — Aaron Sorkin - THR Emmy Roundtable (x)


Little West Wing Moments: You Don’t Have To Be Here At All (42/)

No calls. She's hiking in the White Mountains. She made
no calls, you made them. AMY It's a cause she believes in... BARTLET Don't tell me what she believes. AMY I'm telling the Congress... BARTLET My wife is not a budget appropriation. She's not a line.
Don't put words in her mouth. Don't treat her like she's
your blank checkbook. Bartlet begins to walk out. AMY Due respect, sir, it's what she'd want. BARTLET She has to be here to want things... and you don't have
to be here at all.


TV Meme- Female Characters [5/5] Amy Gardner

I want women to have help from the government. I want women to earn what men earn. I want everyone to earn enough so that everyone can make the right choice for their family, and after that, it’s none of your business who stays home and who goes to work.